A Mark. Makeup Reps Guide to Inner Beauty for Outer Shine

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~ The Benefits of Water ~ April 23, 2010

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Water is an Essential skincare product.

For the past month I have been a human camel. I decided to be more conscious of my water in take. I’m always told that it’s great for the body and especially the skin. Right now I drink about two to three bottles of water a day. I’m working on moving up to the “gallon a day” regime.

Drinking lots of water means your body is flushing out un-needed and un-wanted toxins.

When this happens, you may break out. Not to worry, it only means the “not so great” stuff in your system is leaving and that’s a good thing.

Water hydrates the body and you will reap the rewards by having glowing, vibrant skin. Ahhh, the benefits of water.


Inner Beauty for Outer Shine!

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Welcome to Pleasing Personal Appearance Blog.
My name is Amanda and I am a Mark. Makeup and Skincare Representative.

While I love selling Mark products , I understand that it’s not always all about the makeup.

What good is making up your outer appearance if your inner self needs some repair. You can use the products but if you still worry about your appearance, then it won’t work.

I’m sharing my personal skin journey with you, tips, and advice to help you and anyone else in your world to shine.

It’s all about fun support. Share your stories if you like.

I love and appreciate you!